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Universal Pasha Karate School
in Camden, New Jersey & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Ultimate Discipline Program

The Universal Pasha Self-Defense System was founded and directed by Robert Dickerson, a Grand Master Black Belt with more than forty years of Martial Arts (Karate),Boxing and Kick-Boxing education, training, teaching and experience.   Grandmaster Dickerson was inducted into 5 prestigious Martial Arts Hall of Fames.  His first induction happen at the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, held in Jacksonville, Florida on May 7, 1994. 

    With the help and sacrifice of his family, wife Wanda A. Dickerson (Grand Master Black Belt), son Jamal P. Dickerson (7th Degree Master Black Belt), daughter-in-law Ronsha Dickerson (4th Degree Master Black Belt, son Nasir P. Dickerson (6th Degree Master Black Belt), daughter Atiya P. Dickerson-Johnson (4th Degree Master Black Belt), son-in-law Dwayne Johnson (4th Degree Master Black Belt), daughter Ayanna P. Dickerson (2nd Degree Black Belt),they remain a treasure of family, STILL STANDING for the community while making great accomplishments in the Martial Arts and community development.  His school the Universal Pasha Karate School was rated the Best Martial Arts School of Competitors in the United States of America, at the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Ceremony, May 6, 1995 in Akron, Ohio.  The Universal Pasha Karate School has also been inducted into three other prestigious Martial Arts Hall of Fames.



The value of morality and changing behaviors for the best

Our Martial Arts is the #1 Ultimate Discipline Program that we use as a criterion (standard or reason) to develop relationships for marriage and family stability.
"The best GIFT that parents could give their child(ren); is for them to stay together forever in a loving marriage" Robert Dickerson

     In this unique system (style), you will learn Katas or Forms and other techniques from the great Martial Art style called Kyokushinkai, founded by Masutatsu Mas Oyama.  You will also learn forms and techniques from the great styles of Shotokan, founded by Gichin Funakoshi and Bando, which was introduced to the United States of America by  Dr. Maung Gyi.  Mr. Dickerson is also an associate member of the American Order of Combat, co-founded by Grandmaster Ja'mes Bethel and Grandmaster Jeff Lewis.

Absolutely No CONTRACTS / If you or your child(ren) decide to quit, there will be no penalties or fees, we wish you the best


 The school that produced 19 World Karate Champions
(*) #1 Junior Black Belt Karate Kumite 
(Fighting / Sparring Division) Team in the U.S.A.
(*) #1 Adult Black Belt Men Karate Kumite 
(Fighting / Sparring Division) Team in the World Karate Union
(*) Since 1987 we developed 11 regional and national Kick-Boxing Champions
     in the U.S.A.
(*) and more than 31 national, regional and local Karate Champions.

    Most of the male Black Belt members who became Karate Champions are also members of the World Champion UPK Pasha Generals, who have performed at many prestigious World Martial Arts Halls of Fame in Jacksonville, Florida / Cleveland, Ohio / Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, New Jersey Both male and female Karate champions are also the drummers, dancers, musicians and acrobats of the Sensational and Electrifying UNIVERSAL AFRICAN DANCE & DRUM ENSEMBLE.

Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble's drummers and stiltwalkers who are also World KARATE CHAMPIONS from our Universal Pasha Karate School (UPK) were in the movie called WARRIOR by LIONSGATE with famous actors Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Jennifer Morrison.  In movie theaters across America which started Friday, September 9, 2011. NOW on DVD at AMAZON and etc..

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Award Winning - Universal Pasha Karate School

Since 1984 the Universal Pasha Karate School (UPK) participated and competed in more than one thousand-twelve hundred Local, National and World Top A Rated Martial Arts (Karate) Tournaments.  Members of UPK have won thousands of trophies, awards and recognition in many prestigious Karate magazines.

Champion Martial Arts Schools that produced teams within their schools
for competition at Top World Rated Tournaments


 Universal Pasha Karate School, one of the most traveled and supportive schools of Martial Arts Tournaments in America.  Since 1984 Grandmaster Robert Dickerson, his wife Master Wanda Dickerson and family (THE DICKERSON FAMILY) organized one of the most  traveled Karate Schools in America.   The Universal Pasha Karate School was always recognized for bringing 15 to 35 competitors and at times over 40 competitors to many prestigious Martial Arts (Karate Tournaments) in America.   They would  sponsor and organize van and bus trips to these tournaments, especially the East Coast.   Universal Pasha Karate School have also sent their competitors to Martial Arts Tournaments all over the United States of America and abroad.

Universal Pasha Karate School is the school that produced the only undefeated Junior and Senior Black Belt (Sparring / Fighting) Team competing against other champion schools since 1991 at Top World Rated Tournaments.  We state this fact because many promoters had to put together corporate sponsored teams or borrow other students from the best competitors in the best Martial Arts (Karate) Schools in America to compete with Universal Pasha Karate School's Black Belt Teams.  We are proud to state that we have won all competitions from the corporate sponsored team of the best competitors.  With over forty team competitions we have only one lose since 1991.  Universal Pasha Karate school of champions were also victorious in all other Black Belt Team competitions, which included teams from other countries.

    I, Robert H. Dickerson earned and received my Black Belt in 1974.  I became very concerned about the decline of the inner-cities in America.  We must help develop and teach families the value ofeducation and the understanding of love and discipline.    We must first be an example of teaching and upholding the highest of moral standards, good manners and ethics in our Karate School and most of all our families and community.  This is what I teach and expect from all Black Belt instructors and teachers of our Karate School.  My method of teaching the Martial Arts to our community is very unique.  We dedicate our time and our specialized teachings to low-income urban areas, where single parents may need the most help in the development of their children.   The Martial Arts (Karate) offers many benefits such as developing Self-Defense Skills, Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Self-Awareness, Self-Worth, Character, Moral Character and Leadership Development.   It will improve mental concentration, balance & coordination, improve your cardiovascular system, reduces stress, tension and help you express yourself physically, mentallyand spiritually through body, mind and spirit.

"Mentoring, Educating, Saving and Transforming Lives to be productive and righteous"

My Two Brothers Warren and George Dickerson, who are also GrandMaster Black Belt Teachers
Left to Right: Warren, George & Robert Dickerson


   I  would like to give my appreciation and recognition to five men whom we respect as my Martial Arts and Boxing instructors.  Those men are Grandmaster Ameer (Alfred Dennis), Grandmaster Earley Kelley, Grandmaster Carl G. Beaman, Grandmaster Ja'mes Bethel and The Great Grand Master of Boxing, our Boxing teacher and trainer, Gordon Dickerson better known as Bro. Flash.

 THE DICKERSON FAMILYincluding Grandmaster Robert Dickerson's  brothers, Grandmaster George and Grandmaster Warren Dickerson who are also great masters of the martial arts.  They have been training, studying and teaching the Martial Arts since 1968 to the present.  Our Martial Arts Disciplines and instructions of learning and teaching consist of Japanese, Burmese, Chinese Kenpo, Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Korean Martial Arts.


Robert Dickerson, Wanda Dickerson, Jamal Dickerson, Walter (Mudada) Drummond,
Neith Ecker, Hassan Sabree, Nasir Dickerson, Kysame Watson, Haki Pratt,
Dwayne Johnson, Ronsha Dickerson, Anwar Sabree, Pamela Johnson, Genese Dean,
Corleta McKenzie and Atiya Dickerson-Johnson

  CLICK HERE TO MEET ONE OF OUR PRIDE AND JOY / Black Belt ROBERT WILSON who started his own Martial Arts School.  We are very proud of him for his leadership while serving in the United States of America Arm Forces.


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