Karate & Religion

   Why is it important that you understand how the Martial Arts or Karate relates to God, and to those of us that love and believe in God?      Questions have been raised concerning the value of Karate and how does it relate to God?  Some of you may have said or heard statements from Ministers, Reverends, Pastors, Bishops and people who may not have full understanding or information about the Martial Arts, such as; "Who needs Karate? You need the Lord, not Karate, it promotes fighting", you are going to hell, and other similar statements?

    Please remember this.  We should never compare Karate with God.  God blesses every living creature and human being with some form or level of protection or protecting of oneself.  I am sure in many communities in America you will find locks, burglar alarms and fire alarms in our churches or places of worship.  You will also find locks and alarms in our homes and cars.  Why?  The answer is basically simple;  we are living in reality and according to our Holy Bible and many teachings, we are living in very hard times and some of our environments are not friendly.  Just as those locks and alarm systems represents protection, you must understand that the Martial Arts or Karate also represents protection.

    God Is Our Total Protection     The Martial Arts or Karate is basically nothing but a high level advanced self-defense system.  Karate in Japanese means Empty Hand (What God gave you).  Karate does not promote fighting, but teaches you how to be humble and respect life.  The Martial Arts or Karate is studied by many people of all the major religions in the world.  You can also read about some of the greatest warriors of God in the Holy Bible.  Karate will also give you a better understanding of why you should fear no one but God, and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom /  Proverb 1:7, Proverb 8:13 & Proverb 14:26 / In the fear of the lord is strong confidence.     When you have confidence in yourself, strong and capable, like the warriors or God's servants in the Holy Bible, you begin to truly understand the meaning of the above verses in the Holy Bible concerning fear no one but God.   I would suggest to you the importance of studying and investigating the dynamics of the Martial Arts.

    All over the world the Martial Arts through God's grace, have been proven to develop self-defense skills, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-control, self-awareness, self-esteem, character, moral character and leadership.   You will improve mental concentration, balance, coordination, dexterity, flexibility and a better cardiovascular system.    Martial Arts (Karate)  reduces stress and tension through body, mind, spirit.

    The Martial Arts is a wonderful form of military science.  I am sure that most of us respect military organizations, such as our police departments, and the United States Army, Navy, Marines and other positive military organizations.  I pray that you will receive this with love and understanding.

Bro. Robert H. Dickerson, 9th Degree Grandmaster Black Belt