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UCC Major Programs
"The formula that makes our performing arts one of the most accomplished in America"


Your donation will give us the capacity to help more youth at risk in our
developmental programs to learn and experience the benefits of the arts.

  • 1.  Life Research Group-  The group is an interdisciplinary team of creative generalists working on a broad range of activities in the arts, sciences and religions.  This group specializes in finding and developing programs that enhances educational or academic excellence.  These activities are designed to increase one's value to family, community and industry through mental and spiritual development.  Life Research Group SPECIALIZE AND FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS to solving problems for young people at risk.    read more

    2.  Universal Pasha Karate School-  Karate in Camden, New Jersey & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / The ULTIMATE DISCIPLINE PROGRAM,  has been rated the Best Martial Arts School of Competitors in the United States at the World Martial Art Hall of Fame Ceremony, May 6, 1995 in Akron, Ohio.   read more

    3.  UCC Performing Arts Program / Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble-  was founded by Robert and wife, Wanda Dickerson . This program consists of Aerobic Dancing, African Dancing, and other types of dance.  UCC Praise Dance Ministry 2003 McDonald's Gospel Fest Grand Prize Winners in Praise Dance.  Performances at Newark, New Jersey's Symphony Hall & New York's Madison Square Garden.  The Beautiful & Marvelous UCC Praise Dance Ministry.   read more

    4.  UCC Music Intelligence Program- directed by Leon Mitchell, provides professional experience and  encouragement to prospective musicians.  Three outstanding examples are Jamal Dickerson  and Hassan S. Sabree, who graduated from Morgan State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education and earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University 2010.  The third talented musician is Nasir Dickerson, who graduated on May 17, 2006 at  The University of the Arts  with a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance.  May of 2007 Nasir, earned and received his Master Degree in MUSIC EDUCATION at the University of the Arts, with high academic honors.  read more

    5.  UCC Youth Entrepreneur Program- provides young people with hands on experience in retailing.  Youth are taught to be wise consumers and effective business operators.  read more

    6.  UCC Children, The Future Productions-  / (The Ministry of Discipline, Culture, Love, Hope & Faith Programs)  a production company promoting the principles of love and discipline.   This program is made up of our most talented and/or educated young people who are members of our Karate, Dance, Drama, Fashions, Music, Chess, and Drill Team Programs.  We are a traveling production company dedicated to educating, presenting, demonstrating, entertaining and providing a creative forum for people to learn and understand the principles of Love and Discipline.  These magnificent groups displays the value of discipline and that Hidden Genius that are within all of us.   read more

    7.  UCC Leadership & Cadet Discipline Program / World Champion UPK Pasha Generals- Drill Team have been seen by millions on local, cable, and national television talk shows.   This program without any doubt, has proven its successful way in developing inner-city youth and young people in confidence and leadership development, when many programs have failed in rehabilitating youth. One of the greatest Rites of Passage Program developing (Boys to Men & Girls to Women) using the dynamics of the Martial Arts and Military Style Boot Camp Techniques and Training in America.   read more

    8.  Universal Creative Arts Ensemble- is the mother of all of our performing art ensembles which consist of the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble, UCC Music Ensembles, UCC Praise Dance Ministry, UCC Cloud Nine Creative Hip Hop Dance, Creative Dance, Aerobic Dance, Modern Dance and Line Dance.  In this program we teach the education and history of the African Diaspora, African American History,  and the basic history and respect of many cultures in the world.

  • 9.  Universal Kwanzaa Alliance- was founded by the husband and wife team of Brother Robert and Sister Wanda Dickerson in December of 2015 under the inspiration of their legendary friend, mentor and advisor Brother KENNY GAMBLE, founder of the Philadelphia International Records, Universal Charter Schools and the Philadelphia Community of Leader (PCOL) and it's CULTURAL COMMITTEE.   In December of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, Brother Robert and Sister Wanda were asked by Dr. Maulana Karenga and Dr. Segun Shabaka to host Philadelphia’s Kwanzaa Program for Dr. Maulana Karenga, which was a very huge success each one of those years.  read more


    Renowned- Universal Pasha Karate School
    Sensational - Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble
    World Champion
    UPK Pasha Generals
    Beautiful & Marvelous
    UCC Praise Dance Ministry & UCC Cloud Nine
    UCC Royal Brass Band  UCC Music Ensemble & LITTLE JAZZ GIANTS
    Promoting Academic Excellence 
    Dean Tree (THE DEANS)