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UCC Music Intelligence Program


   The UCC Music Intelligence Program was founded and is directed by Mr. Leon Mitchell  a musical pioneer, genius and legend in April of 1984.  Mr. Leon Mitchell has more than sixty years of experience in the professional music industry. He is currently the Musical Director of the Philadelphia Legends of Jazz Orchestra.  Hundreds of young children in the Unity Community Center were encouraged to study music by Robert H. Dickerson since1984 on the professional advice and instructions of Mr. Leon Mitchell.  These young musicians in the Unity Community Center encouraged others to join the Camden Public Schools music programs.  Today, many Camden teachers and administrators have recognized the contributions that Unity Community Center has offered to the Camden Public Schools, especially in the music educational programs and bands. There are many talented musicians in the Unity Community Center who study under Mr. Mitchell.

    Three outstanding examples are Jamal Dickerson  and Hassan S. Sabree, who graduated from Camden High School in Camden, New Jersey in 1995.    They continued their education to Morgan State University and graduated from Morgan State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University 2010.  They were leaders of the World Famous Morgan State University's Marching Machine (Band), Jazz Band, Pep Band and Orchestra.  The third talented musician is Nasir Dickerson, who was also a graduate of Camden High School in the year of 2002,  and was honored with a full paid scholarship for high academic and musicianship achievement to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pa, for music education.  The University of the Arts is the nation's first and only university dedicated to the visual, performing and communications arts.  Its history as a leader in educating creative individuals spans more than 130 years.   Nasir was accepted into the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance in May of 2006.   May of 2007 Nasir, earned and received his Master Degree in MUSIC EDUCATION at the University of the Arts, with high academic honors.

     On September 24, 2011, Jamal, Hassan and Nasir were the subject and part of a team that won an EMMY AWARD.  They received honors and Proclamation from the Camden City Council on October 11, 2011 for this magnificent accomplishment.

    Jamal, Hassan and Nasir's development has been accelerated by the study of Music Composition, Harmony/Theory, Artist Development, Stage Presence and Advanced Musicianship in the program under the leadership of Mr. Leon Mitchell, Mr. Cullen Knight and Mr. Charles Bowen Sr.

    Their mentors and teachers are the legends Mr. Leon Mitchell, the director of the Philadelphia Legends of Jazz Orchestra, Cullen Knight and Terell Stafford two famous trumpeters, Ryan Bates, Charles Elliot, Dr. Diane Lyle Smith, Melvin Miles, Charles Bowen Sr., the legendary drummer George "Butch" Ballard, legendary pianist Alfred "Alfie" Pollitt, legendary tenor saxophonist Robert Bootsie Barneslegendary saxophonist Tony Williams Lovett Hines, a music teacher/ educational director at the Philadelphia Clef Club (Mr. Donald Gardner) and many more professional musicians.

    UCC MUSIC ENSEMBLE specializing in theatrical productions, presentations, workshops, and seminars.    They have performed at many events and community programs with their traditional jazz and smooth jazz with their talented young performers.  Also, because of Mr. Leon Mitchell, more than 50 members of the world renowned Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble can all read and write music.



Music is the healing force of the World / It's understood by every man, woman, boy and girl.
Song by the famous O'Jays (I Love Music) /

Music is the healing force of the Universe / album by Albert Ayler and song written by Mary Maria Parks

 Man Understanding Spiritual Information Correctly  Acronym MUSIC by Kenneth Salaam (Philadelphia) as told to me by Alfred (Alfi) Pollitt

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