UCC Accomplishments

Unity Community Center's

The programs and accomplishments that created and helped thousands
achieve high academic standards since 1983

(1)        Educational accomplished- members achieved many awards for academic excellence and those who became teachers received local and national awards Jamal Dickerson received the2007 MILKEN FAMILY FOUNDATION NATIONAL EDUCATOR AWARD on October 11, 2007.  This award considered as the Oscar of Teaching Award and the Most Prestigious Educational Award in America.  Congratulations to Jamal for being one of the most accomplished school teachers in America. YOU TUBE VIDEO of the Award Announcement -CLICK HERE:

(2)        Universal Pasha Karate (UPK) School- have served and taught thousands and its Karate (Martial Arts) program has been inducted into four prestigious Martial Arts Halls of Fames since 1994.  UPK produced over 30 World, National, Regional and Local Karate Champions since 1984.  UPK also produced over 11 Kick-Boxing Champions since 1988.  Because of this dynamic discipline program we believe this is the direct reason why so many young members developed high academic success, achievements and being positive role-models and upright citizens in our communities since 1984.  read more

(3)        Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble- Blessed and sanctioned to be one of the BEST and the most exciting African Dance and Drum ensembles in the USA.  In addition the Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble were chosen and endorsed by world renowned historians, scholars and artists in America and Africa to represent the USA at the World Festival of Black Arts and Culture (FESMAN) in Dakar, Senegal, Africa in December 2010, where over 80 nations presented their best.  At this historical event Universal performed in Saint-Louis, Goree Island, and Dakar, Senegal, AFRICA. read more

(4)        UPK Pasha Generals- specializes in close order discipline military-style drilling.  UPK were champions and first place winners of many World, National and Local Drill competitions all over America since 1984.  Hailed and sanction by scholars, military personnel and stopping the violence program leaders as the best close order drill team of its kind in America. read more

(5)        UCC Praise Dance Ministry- 2003 McDonald's Gospelfest Praise Dance Winners.  In 2009 UCC Praise Dance were blessed to be a finalist out of over 80,000 participants at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  The event had starring the legendary Patti LaBelle and Donnie McClurkin on June 13, 2009. read more

(6)        UCC Royal Brass Band- Three time Winners at the World Famous APOLLO Theater in New York in 1994.  UCC Royal Brass Band performed with the best Brass Band groups in America out of New Orleans. read more

(7)        UCC Music Ensemble- which includes Nasir Dickerson & the Renaissance Messengers and our UCC Royal Brass Band and the UCC Little Jazz Giants; featuring our best, Jamal Dickerson, Hassan Sabree and Nasir Dickerson; Jamal Dickerson was awarded the best school teacher in America by the National Mikken Foundation out of California.  All three teachers were also awarded the best teachers in Camden School District for their styles of teachings and accomplishments.  Congratulations to Jamal Dickerson, Hassan Sabree and Nasir Dickerson for being part of a team winning an Emmy Award Saturday, September 24, 2011. The magnificent mind of Jamal creating the musical thread (vertical alignment), which all educational systems should adopt or use was the subject of the EMMY AWARD.  read more

(8)        Life Research Group- is an interdisciplinary team of creative generalists working on a broad range of activities in the arts, sciences and religions.  This group specializes in finding and developing programs that enhances educational or academic excellence.  The Life Research Group is the Unity Community Center's historical and statistical research program.  This program since 1984 is the reason why so many young people in our organization excelled especially in academics and the disciplines.  It was designed to prepared young people in programs for their life journey. The DEANS started a DEANS STEP TEAMS in 1992 to further the works of our Life Research Group and became a very good example of encouraging young people to stay in school and focus on their education.  read more

(9)        UCC Cloud Nine Creative Hip Hop Dance-  this dance troupe started in 1984 under our Universal Creative Arts Dance Program.  In 2002 Ayanna and Atiya, the daughters of our founders Robert and Wanda Dickerson changed the name of the hip hop style of dance to UCC Cloud Nine to give the young ladies the opportunity to express themselves in this type of dance.  Today, they perform at many community events.   read more