Queen G (Sis. Gi Gi)

Queen G (Sister Gi Gi) Brief Bio

Gisele Spencer, a.k.a. Queen G Jezrael Bey and Sister Gi Gi is the Outreach Coordinator and Youth Entrepreneurial Director of the Unity Community Center at the regional headquarters in Camden, New Jersey since 1985.  She has served for over 40 years, as an unyielding African Cultural Revolutionary Veteran.  Her multiple years of higher education in both college and business schools afforded her the opportunity, to embark on a universal career, in an effective combination of social services and marketing.  Queen G, has been a seasoned militant community activist since the age of 12, promoting Agape Love and Order to united Africans descendents, giving awareness of their supreme originality of our majestic heritage of the Motherland, AFRICA.

Over the years, she has implemented and directed several social service programs around the country.  In 1973 she was very instrumental in executing the first black community center (across the tracks) of a predominantly white rural Klu Klux Klan area of Atlantic county, the Atlantic Rural Development Coalition, which is still in existence today.

Queen G, went on to become a youth counselor in the Union County Youth Service Bureau, where she assisted in the development of Rahway State Prison's Lifers Program Scared Straight in 1978.  She brought the first group of urban juvenile delinquents first time offenders to the prison, which aired nationally around the nation.  Simultaneously, she managed to hold top ranking sales positions in two direct sales companies WM Industries and Salad Master Stainless Steel Cookware for three consecutive years, as a marketing distributor.

Queen G relocated to California, when her father became ill, and immediately after being there for 3 months, she organized the largest Afro-Centric Unity Day Extravaganza ever in the history of Compton, California.  This accomplishment resulted in forming an at risk youth program in the city limits of the notorious Compton.

After returning back to the east, Queen G was greatly blessed with her ultimate discovery in 1985, of an Exquisite Holistic Grass-Root Oasis in the Wilderness, of North America, none other than, The Unity Community Center, founded by Mr. Robert and Mrs. Wanda Dickerson, which is the home of the Universal Pasha Karate School, Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble, UPK Pasha Generals, UCC Royal Brass Band, UCC Praise Dance Ministry, UCC Music Ensemble and The Deans.  The center offered systematic process of producing greatness.  Queen G's humble and courageous role as the Outreach Coordinator first class community service paradigm, recruited and monitored countless participants to take part of their superior foundation lessons, of self enhancement intervals, of premium personal development.  She eagerly accepted her pre-destined title among the Unity Community Center's Exalted Family Order as Queen G in pursuit of empowering gods, locally, nationally and internationally.

Queen G and her late husband, Kalif Bey are proud creators of the first All Natural African Frozen Fruit Dessert, Afruiti Ice.  This outstanding fruit ice was coined to serve as a positive alternative, to replace the glamour of the self destructive drug trafficking, which led to death and jail.  Queen G's very lucrative product, Afruiti Ice later joined Philadelphia's famous Garden of Bilal operation in 2003 and gain prominent recognition in producing the best frozen dessert in our region.

Queen G, also serves as Unity Community Center's Youth Entrepreneur Director, where she is currently in pursuit of establishing, The Royal Fruit Kingdom, a manufacturing and distributing youth apprenticeship franchise, for inner city at risk youth.  Queen G's realistic proactive approach is that you can't say no to drugs and death without replacing it with a yes for life.

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