Purpose of Banquet

To raise funds for all of our performing art groups that specializes in educational and developmental programs.  Your donations and support will give us the capacity to help more youth at risk in our developmental programs to learn and experience the benefits of the arts, especially in Camden, New Jersey, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and surrounding areas Many have said that our banquet was the most dynamic performing arts showcase extravaganza that they have ever seen in America.

This is the only event within the year that all of our WORLD RENOWNED performing arts groups, showcase for promoters, school administrators, political, religious, community leaders, celebrities and dignitaries for future bookings and events. This is also the event in which we invite and encourage our supporters, family, friends and members to attend as it is Unity Community Center's most important hosted event of the year to also witness how the young people are growing and developing.

You will witness the manifestations of the solutions and a model of what scholars and leaders talk and write about concerning the social ills or problems of youth at-risk, by some of the most accomplished educational and entertainment groups in AMERICA.  We believe that we have been blessed with the guaranteed formula to save and develop children

We will be honoring young people and children, who have represented the BEAUTY and the HOPE of young people in the State of New Jersey especially the City of Camden and the Delaware Valley, including Philadelphia, PA., through the performing arts.

*  Unity Community Center exemplify the importance of a safer and better community.
*  We specialize in programs and presentations addressing issues that destroy our community with hatred, crime,
     violence, killings and other social ills.
*  We serve as a model to encourage others to start organizations local, national and international to do the same.
*  Remember, there are not that many organizations left serving youth and communities at-risk, that display,
     educate, teach and encourage cultural pride, dignity, appreciation, love of self, family, community and nation.

This year and years to come, bring a family member(s) or friend(s) to witness
one of the most exciting banquets of miraculous young people and entertainment in America


     We have been blessed with many great reviews and testimonies.  Many have said that our performing arts groups almost defy explanation.  Many have said after seeing anyone of our performing art groups that it is very difficult to explain on paper or even seeing a professional video on how wonderful and great the performance was.  Many say that you must see them for yourself and this is why we state that our annual banquet is our best proposal.  We highlight and perform excerpts of all of our performing arts that have made national and/or world accomplishments.


1.  We give honor, respect, recognition and/or awards to the active members of the Unity Community Center.

2.  We give honor, respect, recognition and/or awards to our supporters, Educators, Community Leaders, Religious Leaders, Martial Artists (Karate Teachers), Politicians, Celebrities, Dignitaries and the Business Community who support the efforts of the children / youth and who kindly contributes to our organization.

3.  And of course, to give honor, respect, recognitions and/or awards to the parents, grandparents, guardians,  family members, and those individuals who support and go beyond the call of duty to help their loved ones in the Unity Community Center.

4.  The banquet allows the young people of the Center to perform for their parents, family, friends and community.  These young people are honored to showcase their accomplishments and talents for you.

5.  We always remember and honor those who were family, friends and supporters to the Unity Community Center, that have passed away or made transition. In Loving Memory

Unity Community Center’s
Qualifications for our
Honorees and VIPs


Any person with great influence or prestige.   A high official with special privileges

 1.         Political Leader

2.         Community Leader

3.         Religious Leader

4.         Business Leader

5.         Educational Leader

6.         Celebrity

7.         Founder or a Creator of an organization, company or institution

8.         Person who achieved great accomplishments, which is recognized by the larger
            community, nation or world.


A person to regard or treat with respect.   A person who have supported or have caused our organization to receive local, national and international exposure, awards, acclaim and recognition.  In many situations and cases this person is also a VIP to many locally, nationally and internationallyWe honor more than one honoree at our annual banquets; on the average of four to twelve honorees.  We have been blessed to have so many friends, supporters and those that believe in our organization, the righteous development of our youth, families and communities; We are honored to recognize their contributions.  Also, because of our age, it would be impossible to honor only a few at our annual banquet.

 1.         A person who recognize and appreciates Unity Community Center’s purpose and

2.         A person who has vision and respects our organization, because they are doing the same
            such as, community, organizational and institutional building, locally and possibly
            nationally and internationally.

3.         A person that networks with our organization

4.         A person who donates because of their vision and love for our organization.

NOTE:   All of our honorees at past banquets are usually respected and honored as our VIPs for future banquets.

Renowned- Universal Pasha Karate School,  Sensational - Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble

World Champion
UPK Pasha Generals,   Beautiful & Marvelous UCC Praise Dance Ministry

Fabulous- UCC Royal Brass Band   / UCC Music Ensemble , Nasir Dickerson's Renaissance Messengers, &


Promoting Academic Excellence
Dean Tree

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