Millions More Movement
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Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble performed at the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March, the Millions More Movement on October 15, 2005.   We were greatly honored and blessed to perform with the Native Americans (Sister Yo'Nas Da LoneWolf McCall-Muhammad) on the Mall in Washington D.C., with so many scholars, historians, leaders and millions of people at the Mall and viewed nationally and internationally on C-SPAN and other radio and television media.  We also thank the Final Call for having us in the FINAL CALL NEWSPAPER for that national and international exposure.  Special thanks to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam and all of the Millions More Movement staff for giving us this great opportunity to present the beauty of the original culture / African Culture from where African-Americans or black people originated.

Robert Dickerson

 Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble
 on the mall in Washington D.C. performing at the
Millions More Movement with their famous
Pasha the Stiltwalker

Photos Top Left to Right
(1) Universal African Dance Directors & Instructors - Ronsha & Wanda Dickerson with Yo'Nas Da LoneWolf McCall-Muhammad
(2) & (3) Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble's Pasha the Stiltwalker with the Native Americans on the mall back stage
(4) Universal African Dancers on the mall back stage
Photos Bottom Left to Right
(1) Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble's Chief Choreographer and Artistic Director-
Jamal P. Dickerson with his 1st cousin- Kamau Dickerson
(2) Dr. Maulana Karenga- Creator of Kwanzaa  (3) Dr. Benjamin Chavis-Muhammad - Hip Hop Summit Action Network (4) World's famous Pasha the Stiltwalker

The 9th issue of 10 issues- MILLIONS MORE MOVEMENT BELOW:

9. Artistic/ Cultural Development

We demand a greater accountability and responsibility of our artists, entertainers, industry personnel and executives, for them to commit to the redevelopment and upliftment of our people. We demand an end to the exploitation of our talent by outside forces. We will make strides in obtaining greater control over the means of production and distribution of our immense artistic talent and creative genius. We advocate for cultural development, and for the knowledge of our original culture to be used as a model for future advancement.

To mark the commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March

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